By no means will it be easy, but the Packers are ready to work for it.


I’m thinking today about what a Christmas II party might look like: Spoff trying to sneak into the den with Wes’s plate of food. Margeaux and Lori in the kitchen sharing succinct but delicious cookie recipes. Larry, by the fireplace, wearing a red and white bob, using a telestrator to explain Santa’s optimal route. Dean and Derek argue over whether “The Grinch” should be read as prose or haiku. Doug tries to get everyone to see the heckling in the basement. Wes, what would you do?

I’m usually the guy looking at the dessert table. Spoff can have my sandwich for a day. I’ll have Hanna Goral’s Oreo Pudding any day.

Linda from Lakewood Ranch, Florida

The Packers now have a clear path. No need to look at the dashboard; just take care of business one game at a time. This week is “ROAST THE RAVENS”. GO PACK GO!

By no means will it be easy, but the Packers are ready to work for it. Davante Adams mentioning the notion of ‘running the table’ a few weeks ago made me realize that the Packers had done it before – not only in 2016 but also in 2019 (five straight wins to end the regular season) and 2020 (six in a row). To win four, however, the Packers must win on Sunday. Defeat the Ravens, baby. You can quote me on it.

I will play on Sunday. I’m lucky to have tickets on the 30-yard line behind the Packers bench. Who is the Packers gamer to watch outside of augmented reality to have the biggest impact on gaming?

I think it’s Preston Smith and Rashan Gary. Lamar Jackson has not trained this week. Even if he does play, Jackson will have to deal with some ankle discomfort. It will be essential for Smith and Gary to smartly, but effectively, rush against Jackson or Tyler Huntley. The Ravens have conceded 47 sacks this year, while the opposition suffered 14 interceptions.

Wes, on game day, how will Lamar Jackson without team training and a sprained ankle compare to Aaron Rodgers without team training and a broken toe?

You know what you’ll get from Rodgers for the most part, but I haven’t a clue what the Ravens will look like. If Jackson isn’t playing, it seems like a pretty elaborate ploy to give Green Bay more thought. But if Jackson does go, what kind of shape will he be?

Good Morning II, what made the Raven defense so “unique” and for so long? They have a style; like everything else in the NFL, it’s on tape. How do they always stay one step ahead?

The perennial All-Pros and Hall of Fame members in the middle of the defense helped, but I also think the football pattern and brand promoted by Dean Pees and Rex Ryan complemented the talent they had, and this is still true today with Don Martindale. Baltimore’s defenses still have three constants – disciplined, aggressive linebackers and shattering safeties.

Wealthy from Grand Rapids, MI

Do changes in COVID protocols affect Kenny Clark’s availability for Sunday?

Rich, I’m going to be perfectly 100% honest with you. I do not know. My confusion is confused.


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