Decorate the rooms with tacos

Bloomingdale resident Ryan Brown recently published the Tampa Bay Taco Tour 2022 first annual book.

Tampa Bay may not see snow during the holiday season, but it will be raining tacos soon. To help local taquerias and bring people into the community, Taco Tours fills the Bay Area downs with a one-of-a-kind experience: its first Tampa Bay Taco Tour in 2022 delivered.

Created by a Bloomingdale resident, throughout 2022, this pocket-sized book will guide pass holders on their own schedule to over 20 of the Tampa Bay area’s top local taquerias, where they will receive tacos. free for everyone. And because the inspiration for the book was to help local restaurants thrive after challenges posed by the pandemic, businesses aren’t charged to be included in the book.

Perfect as a Christmas stocking or Christmas present, the Tampa Bay Taco Tour in 2022 The book is at the top of the list for many Bay Area residents, and not just because it’s filled with free tacos.

With so many tacos throughout the Tampa Bay area, this unique program helps residents explore different areas while tasting the produce along the way.

“It’s the gift that keeps on giving,” said Ryan Brown, owner of Taco Tours and resident of Valrico. “It’s great for the holidays because it gives people a unique experience that they can enjoy all year round, but it’s great for the community because it helps restaurants gain new customers and keep their doors open. “

With a new book coming out every year, the Tampa Bay Taco Tour 2022 book includes three free tacos from each restaurant. Books can be purchased now at and pass holders can claim their free tacos between Saturday January 1, 2022 and Saturday December 31, 2022. If the free tacos were not incentive enough, pass holders will also gain a chance to win cash and rewards. price.

From Dunedin to Plant City, St. Petersburg to Wesley Chapel and pretty much everywhere in between, Taco Tours has partnered with over 20 taquerias with the goal of bringing people back into the community by exploring and supporting businesses. local. Taco lovers are encouraged to follow Taco Tours on Facebook and Instagram @tacotourstampabay for special promotions and discounts.

Brown aims to use every book purchased to help make a difference in the community, which is why he also donates a portion of the proceeds from the book to local charities. For more information or to find out how companies can partner with Taco Tours, visit


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