Home and Away Spoilers – Dimitri Poulos returns, and bye Ryder?


Long-time fans of At home and away should see a familiar face return to Summer Bay next year, as Salvatore Coco reprizes his role as Dimitri Poulos. Elsewhere, a photo from the set potentially revealed the exit of another character.

The oldest of the Poulos siblings – the others being Leah (Ada Nicodemou), Chris (Alex Blias) and Alex (Danny Raco) – Dimitri was last seen on the show in 2005, when he attended at Leah’s wedding to Dan Baker (Tim Campbell).

Theo Poulos’ arrival reminded viewers of the name ‘Dimitri’

While there has been little mention of Dimitri since that time, the recent introduction of his son Theo (Matt Evans) has brought his name back to viewers’ minds, and speculation as to whether he might do so. an appearance in the near future.

Perhaps best known for his role as Con Bordino in the ’90s teen drama High crush, in which he performed alongside Ada Nicodemou, the versatile Salvatore Coco also works as a singer, artist and master of ceremonies.

Confirming a new filming gig on his Instagram last month, Salvatore said he felt blessed to be working on set again, but when asked for details of the role by subscribers, he took care to keep his cards close to his chest.

I can’t tell at this point but these scripts are a cracker !! ” he enthuses. “Well written and a joy to work on“.

While the shared image of a certain company’s unit vehicles wouldn’t necessarily reveal much to the casual observer, those who are used to At home and awayThe filming process couldn’t help but put two and two together with the all too familiar surroundings.

A glimpse of a filming schedule, seen in a photo on a crew member’s Instagram post in recent weeks, also shows Dimitri’s actions will once again cause trouble with Leah, with her apparently making the decision. difficult to “report” his brother for an unknown crime.

Any speculation about Dimitri’s return was all but confirmed over the weekend when a photo emerged on social media, taken by a fan in Palm Beach, showing Salvatore on set alongside Lynne McGranger (Irene) and Harley Bonner (Logan).

Dimitri’s first appearance was in May 2003, as the family gathered to celebrate Alex’s 21st birthday. Dimitri quickly established himself as the most brash of the four siblings, and one keen to respect Greek family traditions.

Dimitri’s first appearance was in 2003

In a conversation with Alf, we learned that Dimitri had married his childhood sweetheart, Melinda, and that they already had two children together, one of whom we now know to be Theo. Melinda was unable to attend as she was due to give birth to a third child overnight.

With Dimitri arriving from town in the expensive car his parents Theo (Silvio Ofria) and Helen (Peta Toppano) bought for Alex for his birthday, tensions quickly mounted between the brothers. While Alex had asked his father not to buy him a car, it was one of the many family traditions, and Dimitri worked hard throughout the day to make sure the standards were met, at great chagrin of Alex.

Things came to a head when the two brothers argued over Leah seeing ex-criminal Jesse McGregor (Ben Unwin), which the family would never approve of. According to Dimitri, Alex should have ended their relationship. As Leah tried to break up the argument, their father Theo collapsed after suffering a heart attack.

Dimitri and Alex were in the middle of the argument when Theo suddenly collapsed

With their father stable in the hospital, Dimitri later explained to Alex that he always tried to be the perfect and loyal son his father wanted, in order to give more freedom to his younger siblings, and two brothers have reconciled.

Dimitri was briefly seen again later that same year, when he, Chris and Theo surprised Leah at the airport as she was leaving for the United States with VJ, who needed surgery to save her hearing. There was a moment when Leah realized she had forgotten the passports, but when Jesse arrived and saved the day he was redeemed in the eyes of his family.

Later in 2003, Theo, Dimitri and Chris surprised Leah at the airport

Dimitri, Theo and Chris were surprised to see Leah plant a passionate kiss on Jesse

Dimitri’s last appearance was in July 2005, when he arrived at the Patterson House with other family members to find chaos – the priest’s mother had had a stroke and Leah told everything the world that her marriage to Dan had been called off. Ultimately, Summer Bay came together to make sure Leah and Dan had a day to remember.

Dimitri attended the ceremony holding the hand of an anonymous and uncredited woman, who may or may not be his wife Melinda.

Dimitri was last seen alongside his siblings and parents in 2005.

Leah was shocked when Dimitri’s son Theo (named after her grandfather) showed up at her door sixteen years later. The 20-year-old managed to make a grand entrance, escorted by local brass Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) after catching him speeding up.

Theo explained that his father threw him out, and after phoning Dimitri, Leah learned that Theo was working at his father’s car dealership and had been caught selling questionable insurance policies to customers.

Theo argued that it was installed by his co-workers, but Dimitri told Leah that he had lost his trust in Theo. When Leah later told Dimitri that someone Theo had scammed had caught up with her and beat him, the response was that she had been warned.

With Dimitri apparently washing Theo’s hands, we’re intrigued to see what events will bring him back to bay after nearly 17 years, and whether father and son will reconcile.

Based on the show’s irregular schedule by Seven, we would expect these scenes to air around April 2022.

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, another photo on set could potentially reveal the exit of another character.

Georgie Parker (Roo) posted a snap on her Instagram Story last Friday of a scene set against the backdrop of Summer Bay House.

The living room is decorated with balloons, with compass decorations hanging from the arch and, while it is turned towards the camera, a large banner can be seen to say “Bon voyage”.

© Georgie Parker on Instagram

The center of the frame is Lukas Radovich, and while one of the Stewarts can easily go on an extended vacation, we wonder if now is the time for us to say a sad farewell to Ryder Jackson.

Another photo posted by Georgie today – clearly taken while filming the same scene as above, and which perhaps adds fuel to the fire – shows her in a touching embrace with her nephew at the screen.

© Georgie Parker on Instagram

Son of Alf’s (Ray Meagher) daughter Quinn (Lara Cox), Ryder came to Summer Bay in October 2017 to meet his grandfather after his mother sent him to training camp. The father and daughter were briefly reunited when Quinn followed Ryder into town, and it was eventually agreed that Ryder would stay with his “cranky” and Aunt Roo.

Ryder previously mentioned his desire to travel to his uncle Owen Davidson (Cameron Daddo), whom he met shortly after the death of his father Evan Slater (also Cameron Daddo).

On his 21st birthday, which aired in Australia in September, Alf gave Ryder a precious heirloom from the Stewart family, a compass that had been passed down from generation to generation by Alf’s grandfather Duncan.

While that might be a bit of a stretch, given the several months between these scenes, could the giveaway have foreshadowed Ryder’s eventual exit?

We have to reiterate once again that this is just speculation at the moment. Regardless of the scenes depicted, we estimate they will air in Australia around May 2022.

Dimitri isn’t the only newcomer in 2022, and Ryder may not be the only departure!

With At home and away Now over for another year, we explore all the spoilers and take a look at what to expect in Summer Bay in 2022.

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