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Jason from New Hampton, IA

Hey II, what has been the best part of the season for you so far?

See how 2021 will end versus how it all started. Stories come and go, but the legacy lasts forever. I think everyone in the Packers organization understood how important it was for this team to stay together… and he did.

Donny from Green Bay Packers, WI

I watched a recent interview with Yosh Nijman and hope he’s a longtime Packer, but I understand he deserves a chance to get paid and start. In recent memory, who is a Packers player that you saw go that was disappointed but understood the situation perfectly? For me, it’s Micah Hyde. I will be his fan forever.

As far as established players go, it’s likely a tie between Micah and Casey Hayward. They are both unanimous first-team human beings.

Hello II and merry Christmas! What happens in a “step-by-step” practice and how does it differ from regular practice?

A walkthrough looks a lot like this – it’s an opportunity for offense and defense to review their respective game plans for the upcoming game with offensive and defensive representatives “live”. This week, by coincidence, Davante Adams painted a pretty clear picture of what Green Bay entails: “The way we’re crossing is pretty much full speed, but the routes aren’t. The lines going up there do their thing. , have a good start, wideouts take all their steps but don’t sprint… It’s not often that we implement a whole new concept or a whole new course that we haven’t run before, so often all of the time. work that we have done throughout the year is the same. “

Tom from West Palm Beach, Florida

Following the timing question, do you think Packers vs. Jets will be Green Bay’s first game in London, since the NFL appears to be against “quality” games being played there?

Well, it won’t be the Patriots. That’s for sure.

George from North Mankato, MN

Hello and merry Christmas, Wes. Are you just curious about what was your most memorable gift?

George gets two because I loved that question. I was really in the numbers for Kenner’s starting lineup when I was a kid. My parents bought me Brett Favre’s first starter line in 1994. I know the value didn’t last long, but it was the coolest thing in the world for me back then. I still cherish him.

Derek d’Eau Claire, WI

The stockings are stuffed,

Leave a victory under the tree,

Dean of Leavenworth, IN

A Triumphant Trip to Baltimore

King of the North once again

A guaranteed goal while others stay

Now a talented team from Cleveland have gone wild from their pound

They come to Lambeau on this sacred night, desperate to stay in the hunt

Be careful, the bite of Browns can exceed their bark

The invisible enemy more relentless than ever you must stay vigilant

Keep Cape Verde and Or, the road to fourteen is straight

Perfect, dean. Like always. But I feel like there is only one way to end this Christmas edition of Inbox …

Wes, thanks for the gifts from a Christmas morning inbox and great coverage of this afternoon’s big game. Tinsel wishes Christmas to you, your household and the Inbox family.

And the same for you, Lori. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Memorable Packers Football Afternoon.


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