No, the Philadelphia Eagles are not going to land Antonio Brown (sorry)


Well, it’s official: Antonio Brown is no longer a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

While the move may come as a surprise to some, as Brown was declared “out of the team” dating back to his bizarre shirtless showcase at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, Bruce Arians and his company officially made it official on Thursday afternoon, submitting the receiver injured over waiver before week 18.

That’s right, after some speculated that the Bucs might send Brown to IR in order to avoid subjecting him to the free market, the team opted for a clean break instead, likely thanks in large part to the receipts. that the player revealed suggesting the team wanted him to play with bone fragments in his ankle. Because he was technically waived in Week 18, any team could claim him and theoretically play him in the playoffs – the roster to Ian Rapoport explains more here – making Brown one of the most interesting waiver thread players in recent memory.

As the most likely foe in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wildcard round, the Philadelphia Eagles would surely be one of those teams that would at least consider claiming the uniquely talented wide receiver, right? Even if he is set to have ankle surgery soon by his own admission, having a glimpse into Bucs’ strategies would be worth his paycheck, right? This theory, initially presented by Eliot Shorr-Parks, is certainly creative, but between you and me, I really do not see it happening.

The Philadelphia Eagles aren’t going to go all out in AB for the Wildcard round.

Okay, let’s put that aside from the start: Antonio Brown is toxic right now.

His antics against the New York Jets garnered all the worst types of attention, his back and forth with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers surely didn’t help his case, and if he were to sign / get a thread from waiver claimed by a team, there is no saying whether or not he would appear on the commissioner’s bye list instead of a suspension for prejudicial conduct to the league.

Now, in ESP’s theory of the case, none of that matters, as he’s more interested in gathering information than getting an offensive boost, but I digress.

Then comes the issue of Brown’s ankle injury, which is said to be so serious that he could undergo surgery in the not too distant future. Again, if you don’t want him to play it doesn’t matter, but if a field upgrade is a goal of getting the services of the seven-time All-Star, which could be for a team like the Cowboys. from Dallas who just lost Michael Gallup, Brown probably won’t help you either.

Okay, so if Brown’s chances of entering the field are slim and his presence on a team is controversial to say the least, what about any information he might provide? As Shorr-Parks pointed out, $ 6,000 is a small price to pay for good, old-fashioned insider information.

For some teams that could very well be the case, but remember the Philadelphia Eagles faced off against the Buccaneers in Week 6, when they were a much deeper team not yet thrilled with injuries and the release of Brown. They know how their offense goes, how their defense is built and will surely be prepared for the Wildcard round if they end up becoming the team’s opponent. Even if Brown could provide a glimpse of the trick plays or audibles, is it really worth the negative pressure and potential internal stress that such a move could provide? Considering the Eagles hadn’t even secured a playoff berth when Brown left the field, I doubt the Buccaneers coaching staff spent too much time planning specifically for the Eagles, let alone pass this information on to their players.

Between you and me, I wouldn’t, and based on his track record, I doubt Howie Roseman would either.

The Philadelphia Eagles offense is not plug and play. Nick Sirianni asks his wide receivers to do a lot of blocks, and he doesn’t really spin players the way his predecessors have, with his four best pass-catching targets binding the vast majority of offensive clichés in a game. given. . While the rookie head coach might package Antonio Brown in the style of his offensive use of Darius Slay, it looks like this one is the longest long shot.


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